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Chocolate Chiffon Dessert

This chilled chocolate dessert is made with a vanilla wafer crumb crust and a gelatin and chocolate syrup filling mixture. It's an vintage recipe from an old newspaper clipping.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Crust Ingredients:

Filling Ingredients:


Combine crust ingredients; press into an 8-inch square pan. Chill.

Place a medium mixing bowl in the freezer to chill.

Soften gelatin in cold water.

Heat chocolate syrup; add gelatin and stir until gelatin dissolves. Cool to room temperature. Add vanilla. In chilled bowl, beat the ice cold evaporated milk; fold in the chocolate mixture. Chill until mixture mounds slightly when spooned. Pour over crust; chill until firm.

Cover and store in refrigerator.

Serves 9

Calories per serving: 194
Fat per serving: 9.7g

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